Introducing GearPro Dz

GearPro Dz, an easy to use Drop Zone Gear Management System developed through industry feedback. Drop zone managers can easily track equipment and organize contractor payouts. Add Packing team members and give riggers access to their parachute systems. Process daily, weekly, and monthly range reports. Track line set use. Packers update systems through a packing control dashboard or personal phone device. Delivering a clean responsive user interface allows for use on most devices.

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  • Track pack jobs
  • Full accounting on contractor pack jobs
  • Add comments to parachute records
  • Maintain accurate log records
  • Add and remove parachute systems
  • Manage packing team
  • Full parachute log record with repack info
  • Line set tracking
  • Submit pack jobs via mobile device
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GearPro Dz enables skydiving facilities the ability to track their parachute packing operations and maintain accurate log records on their equipment. Through the cloud based platform contractors report their pack jobs, which then seamlessly integrates updates into the maintenance and log reporting records. GearPro Dz was honored at the 2019 Parachute Industry Association Symposium.

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